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5 Best Backyard Smokers Suited to your Budget


Do you want to eat the best tasting smoked meats? Are you craving for smoked food? If you are then you need to get your hands on the best backyard smoker in the market today!

Now if you only have a limited budget then you don’t have to worry about that as we have gathered the top five smokers that you can choose from at prices you can definitely afford. So without much ado, here’s what you need to know.

Top Five Best Backyard Smokers

If you are looking into the best electric smoker in the market today then you will be happy to know that we have gathered the best among the best.

According to Amazon.com, the top five smokers we have collected has been rated with 4-5 stars by satisfied customers and so it is fitting that you check them out yourself. For all your backyard cookouts or party needs, all you have to do is get your hands on these babies.

1. Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18-Inch Charcoal Smoker

If you are looking for that authentic smoky flavor when smoking meats then this is the smoker you need. The third on our list but definitely not our last, this wonderful backyard smoker is one of the best smokers you can find in the market today!

Weber Smoker Features

Gear up your backyard with this smoker and be the envy of your neighbors! This amazing smoker is made of steel that is enameled with porcelain. It has nylon handles that are heat-resistant so you can move your smoker whenever you like without the risk of getting burned.

It also has two nickel-plated cooking grates that is about 18 ½ inches wide thus giving you 481 square inches of cooking space. The smoker also comes with a water pan, individual vents in a bowl and lid as well as a built-in thermometer with storage cover. The main fuel for this smoker is charcoal so you don’t have to worry about anything too pricey for the fuel.

It comes with a 10-year warranty so you know that it is a warranty of a lifetime. You will also enjoy the price of this smoker as it is sold below $500.

2. Camp Chef PG24 Pellet Grill and Smoker BBQ

For those of you who are looking for a digital backyard smoker then this one is a winner. Designed purposely to meet your smoking needs, this smoker does not only look exciting but it also comes with all the functions you need in a smoker.

Camp Chef Smoker Features

Take your smoking skills to a whole new level with the Camp Chef. This smoker is designed with the features you need that will certainly help you when smoking your favorite meat. One of the best features of this smoker is the digital temperature reader that is made of stainless steel probe that helps you measure internal food temperature.

It also comes with an LED digital display that helps you monitor the progress of your cooking while keeping an eye on the internal cooking and internal food temps. This temperature reading provides you with steady smoke and temperature while removing large temperature swings while providing you with an even consistent temperature for cooking.

The Camp Chef is patented with Ash Can Cleanout System that helps the user clean the smoker easily. It also has pellet grill and smoker features that come with dual temperature sensors that can be controlled. Because of this, the Camp Chef is considered to be one of the best in the market out there.

The entire grilling dimension for this smoker is 19.5 x 22 inches and has a smoking or warming rack that is about 6 x 24 inches in measurement. The total rack surface area is 560 square inches and has a hopper capacity of 18 pounds of pellets for the user to use. The whole cooking height for this smoker is 32. 5 inches and the total weight of the entire smoker is 113 pounds.

So if you are looking for a durable and reliable smoker, this one is also a good option to take. Best of all, it’s sold below $1000 so if you are in need of a good smoker without spending thousands of dollars then yes, this is the smoker for you.

3. Pit Barrel Cooker

Not all smokers are created the same and when it comes to uniqueness, you will love the Pit Barrel Cooker. Hailed as the second best backyard smoker among many users, this fun-shaped cooker is your ultimate partner in cooking, smoking and grilling your meats!

Pit Barrel Smoker Features

Also rated with 4.8 stars, this wonderful smoker is just a gem! It is made with a 1-30 gallon drum that is porcelain coated so it’s really durable. It also has 16 hooks that are made of stainless steel as well as 3-steel hanging rods. A charcoal basket as well as grill grate is also added to this smoker along with a hook remover tool. You can also buy a point barrel stand and all-purpose pit rub from Pit Barrel Cooker Co.

If you love cooking vertically or if you just prefer a smoker designed that way then you will be happy with this cooker. It is designed vertically so you can cook the perfect meat any time. The vertical design allows shorter cooking time minus the need to regulate the smoke or temperature. Not only is it portable but it is also portable and is made to last a long time.

If you are looking for a bargain then this is the best kind of smoker to get. It is praised by many users for its practicality. All in all, this smoker weighs about 85 pounds so you can easily use this for your backyard parties or get-together.

4. REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill – Featuring Smart Grill Technology™

Are you in need of a modern smoker? If you do then this button-operated smoker is the one you need. For all of you REC TEC lovers out there, the REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill is simply one of the best.

REC TEC Smoker Features

The REC TEC is made with buttons you can push for easy use. It automatically lights up and heats according to the temperature you have chosen. Once it starts cooking, it keeps the temperature all throughout the cooking progress thanks to the Smart Grill Technology™.

It does not only allow you to smoke but also bake, grill, sear and bake. Temperature setting is between 180 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit which is perfect for all your smoking and grilling needs. Real wood is the fuel for this smoker but you don’t have to worry about regulating the heat as the smoker itself is designed with a control system that allows you total control of everything.

This smoker has a high temperature and durable powder coat finish so you know that it can be used for a long time. It has a total cooking area of 702 square inches and a total hopper capacity of 40 pounds. REC TEC smokers also come with a 6-year warranty plus it’s good deal for a smoker sold below $1000. So if you want to impress friends and family in your cookouts then REC TEC is all you need!

5. The Orion Charcoal Convection Cooker

This smoker/griller is the number one backyard smoker that you can find on Amazon.com. It has been rated with 5 stars among users and is completely the smoker that can meet all your needs.

Orion Charcoal Convection Smoker Features

For those of you who are smoking all types of meats and poultry then you are in luck! This smoker can smoke all kinds of meat that you want without compromising the taste. It also makes use of indirect heat that produces convection current that is perfect for smoking meats quickly and as even as you want it to be.

It’s also easy to use and requires little maintenance. You will be happy to know that this smoker is made up of 100% stainless steel making it durable and reliable for all your smoking needs. It has a total measurement of 19 inches by 19 inches by 18 inches so it’s spacious enough for all meat types.  It comes with a 5-year warranty so you know for a fact that you are covered even after years of usage.

Inside this smoker, users can make use of three hangers for the ribs and has six racks that could accommodate your meats. There are also three cooking grates inside which has 398 square inches of cooking surface. It also comes with a poultry stand as well as lifting handles that can hold up to 24 pounds of turkey meat.

It also comes with a cookbook as well as user’s manual so you can learn all about this smoker in no time. If you are looking for a smoker that is below $200 then this is the best fit for your budget.

Before Buying a Smoker, You Must First Remember These

In case you are contemplating on buying one, make sure to take note of these tips. Since a smoker is also an investment, it is important that you know the right kind of smoker and here are some tips that you need to take note of:

  • Take note of the price as they are not all the same. If you have limited budget then its best that you search for smokers that are within your price range so you don’t get overwhelmed.
  • Take note of the size. Do you have a big yard? Do you live in an apartment or a house in the suburbs? If you can answer these questions then this will also determine the size of your smoker.
  • Take note of the temperature range. Depending on how you want your meat to be cooked, the temperature of the smoker is also important. Find one that gives you the highest range of temperature so you have plenty of cooking periods to choose from.
  • Take note of the type. Are you planning to get a basic smoker or something that is powered by electricity? The type of smoker is as important as its price. This way it will be easier for you to select the smoker that you need.
  • Take note of the durability and construction. Some companies may claim that their smoker is made from durable materials only to find out that their smoker breaks down after a few uses. Check the materials yourself and see if it’s really made from the materials that they claim so you don’t spend money on something that will not last long.
  • Take note of the warranty. Yes, this is also important as you can never tell if your smoker needs replacements or repairs. The longer the warranty is, the better.
  • Take note of the accessories. You should find a smoker that comes with different accessories. Check if it has meat hangers, racks, etc. so you don’t have to buy them separately. Besides, if you are paying something hundreds of dollars to a thousand, it is only fitting that they have the accessories that you can use.
  • Take note of the manufacturer. This means you have to know who made the smoker. If it is from a well-known company then great but if you find something that is made from a company whose name is not even close to an English word then you might as well dismiss that no matter how cheap the offer is. You will only waste money; make sure that the brand you buy is something that has been making smokers for a long time. This will only show how customers have trusted them over the years.

Buy That Smoker!

It is true that there are PLENTY of awesome smokers out there but if I was you, I’d do my research first. Creating the best smoked meats does not happen overnight. It takes time, precision and the right kind of smoker. So if have decided on the best backyard smoker to buy, go ahead and purchase it!

Just make sure that you choose from the top five that we have given you. It’s a purchase worth buying; good luck and enjoy smoking your meats!