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Bradley Smoker: Digital 6-Rack Electric Smoker Review

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Having an electric smoker is essential for those who love to cook. And even if you don’t cook often, an electric smoker can be helpful in the long run. Now if you are looking for a good electric smoker to invest on, let this Bradley Digital 6-Rack Smoker review help you when it comes to choosing the best electric smoker.

All about the Bradley Digital 6 Rack Electric Smoker Silver

The Bradley Digital Electric Smoker is designed to accommodate large portions of meat. If you are planning to invite friends or your relatives over the weekend then using this electric smoker to cook more than one meat dish at a time is ideal.

This smoker is designed with four racks of griller that is thirteen inches each. It is also large enough than your small fridge at about 3,432 cubic-inches. So if you have to smoke, roast or simply grill something, this smoker is an excellent appliance to use. It is also designed to remove the need for excessive temperature using acid, resins or gases which are among the main reasons why some smoked foods don’t have the same taste once it is cooked. With this smoker, you are guaranteed to have all the natural flavors of the smoked food that you want.

It comes with polished steel interior that is stainless and made with powder epoxy steel. This makes the smoker even more durable. It also includes a 500 watt cooking element and a 125 watt of smoking element. The temperature can be adjusted up to 280 degrees so you can cook your food for as long as you want and how you want it to be. The Bradley Digital also comes with a drip bowl that catches all the moist from the meat you are cooking and a rectangular tray that is very helpful when you are cooking. It also comes with a recipe booklet that you can check out for other options of smoked food. Not only that, this smoker weighs around 71 pounds which is reasonably light and a dig this, it is under a 12-month warranty under the manufacturer so you can definitely replace any broken parts given it is under the warranty date.

Cooking Methods

There are two ways that you can cook in this smoker and that’s through hot or cold smoking. The hot temperatures can range from 180-250 degrees Fahrenheit which is perfect for those who love cooking meats and fish. Cold smoking on the other hand is excellent for curing foods like ham or bacon. You can also use this smoker as your slow cooker or roaster if you need to roast something for a few hours.

Why should you buy this smoker?

Before buying this electric smoker (or any smoker for the record) you need to check out the advantages and disadvantages first. Here’s what the advantages of buying this electric smoker:

  • It’s easy to set up
  • The meats you are cooking are evenly smoked.
  • It’s easy to operate.
  • The results are great.
  • Temperature can be controlled easily.
  • The smoker is spacious enough.
  • You can cook more than one meat at a time.
  • It’s sold at a reasonable price.
  • The heating element can be underpowered at times since it is a six rack unit.
  • There are times when the temperature swings even when it is set at a stable pressure.
  • The thermostat can be read differently since it is placed higher.
  • Smoke may not come out at times.
Final word about this electric smoker

So you can see, many people are pleased with this electric smoker. This is also because the cooker works well when it comes to smoking food. It is in fact, does what it is built to do not to mention that it is good for your money’s worth. It’s easy to use, it can provide the meat of your choice the smoky taste it needs and at the same time, it’s designed to be chic and elegant. It’s also a good deal with your money as it can be bought at around $400 or so which is a good thing to invest your money in. Not to mention that it has 6 racks, so it’s definitely a good appliance to have.

You can also cook all types of meat ranging from beef, pork, chicken and fish. Of course, other types of meat can also be cooked in this electric smoker; just pick one that you like. The racks can also be removed so it is easy to clean after cooking.

So if you are looking for something that isn’t too expensive or too cheap but can smoke meats well then this is the best option you can take. We also recommend that you read some Bradley Digital 6-Rack Smoker review done by customers who have tried this smoker so you can easily determine if this is indeed the smoker that you need.