Brinkmann Electric Smoker

Brinkmann Electric Smoker

Looking for a good performing electric smoker is challenging. With all the good brands out there, it seems confusing to try and check everything all at once. However, if you are practical and on a tight budget then you should narrow your searches to electric smokers within your price range. This way you can find the best ones that are worth your money.

When it comes to cheap but reliable electric smokers, you can also count on the products made by Brinkmann electric smoker. This company is known for low-priced cookers made especially for those who are looking for an electric smoker but at the same time save extra dollars.

Brinkmann is a step above other electric smokers. In fact, it is one of the trusted barbecue grills in the United States. They are known for their affordable products that many people love and when it comes to electric smokers, this one is a name to remember.

The Good Side of Brinkmann Electric Smokers:

  • For one it is electric and as long as you have electricity out in your yard, you can use this smoker. You can use an extension cord for this smoker if you don’t have an outlet outside.
  • It is made to be durable – Brinkmann is not entirely made of heavy duty materials but it is lightweight. The metal lid, base as well as the smoke chamber sections of this smoker are made with medium thick metal that’s not only designed to be durable but also sturdy to use. The handles of this electric smoker are made of wood and the racks are designed to be very solid. These racks are also designed to fit well into the smoke chamber section of the smoker. The finish of this smoker is also nice-looking. It stays put even after many years of use. It does not chip or peel off easily compared to other types of smokers. If you know how to take care of your electric smoker then you can say that this smoker will do you well.
  • Assembling this smoker is easy. All you have to do is follow the instructions in the manual and with the help of simple hand tools; you can assemble this smoker in no time.
  • The Brinkmann Electric smoker is very good for light meat smoking. This means you can use chicken, fish, pork and other meats in small portions easily in this smoker.

The Bad Side:

  • The temperature can easily disappear in this smoker. Compared to other smokers that continues to cook even after you turn the lid open, this smoker may take time to come back up to its temperature. You cannot use this for serious smoking or to large portions of meat as they may come out under cooked or raw if you keep checking and opening the smoker as you are cooking.
  • There is no temperature control. Although this is not really an issue, you cannot really control the temperature of this smoker in case you plan on cooking or smoking something at 180 degrees or so. No controls for your to do that.
  • There is no temperature gauge either. The smoker was not designed to have any temp gauge on the lid so you can’t tell how hot the smoker on the inside is. You may have to mount one yourself for this matter.
  • It cannot hold heavy portions of meat. If you want to smoke larger portions of meat, it may take a long time to cook it.


If you are only going to use this electric smoker for small portions of meat like chicken breast, sausages, fish and other small meats, then this is ideal. It can work well and give you the results you need. However if you are going to cook something like pork shoulders, brisket, hams and other large portions of meat then this electric smoker may not work for you.

It is ideal to cook these meats into a larger and wider spaced electric cooker so you can cook it well and according to how you wish it to be. Brinkmann may be cheap for those who are looking for something that’s practical but result-wise, it can only work on smaller portions of meat.

So you see, smokers made by Brinkmann seemed practical to buy but if you want an all-around, heavy duty electric smoker, this might not be the brand for you. Check other kinds of electric smokers and make sure to compare it first. Doing so can help you save time, energy and money in the long run.

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