Camp Chef 18in Smoke Vault Review

Camp Chef 18in Smoke Vault Review

I’ve always believed in products that can perform well and are made from quality materials. If the product is made by a trusted company then it’s even better. Truth is there are plenty of good manufacturers out there but only a few can really stand out and keep their word. In terms of smokers, there are plenty of those in the market as well. However, if you are looking for quality, you can always rely on the Camp Chef electric smokers. If you love the thought of owning an electric smoker but cannot afford those expensive ones then let this Camp Chef 18in Smoke Vault review help you with that. All you have to do is read this article and see what this smoker is all about. Check it out!

An Excellent Electric Smoker

Finding a good smoker that can cook your food through is tricky. One may claim that they have the best kind of product in the market but only to perform poorly is very disappointing. However if you are looking for a versatile electric smoker then you got to do your homework well and search only for the best. This way you don’t end up spending money on something useless!

When it comes to versatility, the Camp Chef is an excellent choice. This is because this smoker is designed with a temperature settings ranging from 160 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. That being said, users have more options when it comes to smoking their food. This is far easier to operate compared to other types of smokers. It also comes with heat-control dials that are adjustable as well as damper valves. The smoker itself is designed with a door thermometer so it’s easier to control the internal temperatures as you aim to get the perfect results for your smoked meats. This smoker also comes with two adjustable racks that allow you to cook more than one food at the same time. Not only that, this product comes with recipes and tips on how to cook your food especially for those who are new to smoking meat. So if you want a good smoker that you can count on, this smoker is the best solution. Plus it is only sold at around $200 so you can definitely give this one a try.

Why we recommend it

  • It’s an affordable smoker. No need to spend more money on something that does the same job.
  • It’s easy to operate.
  • It has powerful heating output.
  • It has wide range of temperature settings.
  • It’s light enough to carry around your house.
  • It’s an excellent smoker for beginners.
  • It’s not too cheap or expensive.

What we don’t like

  • It has limited cooking space.
  • The thermometer on the door may sometimes be inaccurate. You might need to find another thermometer to use.

What to look for when buying an electric smoker

Now for those of you, who are new to the whole food smoking scene, the Camp Chef is an excellent choice but before you decide on buying one, you must first remember a few things before buying a smoker.

First of all it should be something that you need. Don’t buy an electric smoker just because it looks nice, buy one because you need it and it has the specifications that you need in a smoker. Next, look for a good manufacturer that makes quality smokers. If the company has been around for years and has a lot of satisfied customers then this is a good company to look into. Check your budget; see if the smoker you like is within your budget range and if it’s not, keep looking. Review customer feed backs of the product you are looking into. The customer reviews usually tell you if the smoker is a good thing to have or not. This can also help you narrow down your searches. Lastly, look for a smoker that is recommended by your friends or family members. If you are a novice to buying electric smokers, ask any recommendations. This will give you a better idea on what to get and where to get one that is easy on the pockets.

Now if it’s cheap yet functions according to how you want it, the Camp Chef is a good choice to pick. It’s budget-friendly, easy to use and can be set according to the temperature that you need. What else are you looking for? Of course you have all the choices in the market if you want other options but just make sure that it’s a good one. However if you are short on budget but in need of a reliable smoker then the Camp Chef 18in Smoke Vault review is all you need. Find one in your nearest stores today and see what we are talking about. Good luck!

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