Cookbooks and Recipes: Lessons to Remember

Cookbooks and Recipes: Lessons to Remember

Nothing beats a good recipe and it’s always a great feeling to know that after a few trial and errors, you were finally able to come up with a perfect dish. Feels good, right? Of course, we all know that cooking up a meal is not easy and so we often rely on the cooking instructions that came from cookbooks and recipes handed down to us by our grandmothers, mothers and even fathers. One such book is; “How to Cook for Beginners – An Easy Cookbook for Learning the Basics” by Gwynn Novak. The author wanted to write a book to enable readers to never again say; “I can’t cook”.

In fact, nothing beats the old fashioned way of cooking a certain food and we can all thank the people who took the time to write down the procedures and exact measurements that we are using today.

Why Do We Need Cookbooks?

Some people may say that with the modern times that we are living today, cooking food is as easy as clicking a video tutorial on YouTube. Nothing is wrong with that really, in fact, I learned to cook from video tutorials but what makes a cookbook special? Why do people have them even though there are plenty of ways to get a recipe? There are plenty of reasons why people still use them and here are a few we gathered:

  1. For the love of cooking – if you are like me who likes to cook up a storm whenever family and friends gather then having a cookbook nearby can come in handy. The love of food is endless and it’s one of the best reasons why people come together in the first place and so a good and reliable cookbook sitting in your kitchen is not a bad idea at all. Who knows who will be dropping by at your house, right?
  2. It’s always fun to learn new recipes – there are different cookbooks out there. Some are made with easy recipes for beginners while others are done for highly skilled chefs/cooks. Now if you are someone who is still a bit nervous to try and cook something, a good cookbook is a great partner to have. Pick one today and see how it goes.
  3. Cooking is not the only thing in cookbooks – besides learning about new recipes and tips/tricks on how to cook food; you can also learn a few good advises on home improvement. Some cookbooks these days incorporate good housekeeping and cooking in one book so basically, it teaches you how to be more creative around your home and kitchen.
  4. Print is still in the business – although we are living in an era where gadgets play an important role in our lives, there are still people out there who cherish the idea of opening a book, looking into wonderful pages of deliciously photographed food or just simply collecting them. Not only that a lot of printing companies these days are more creative in their cookbook prints and layouts. So it is not a wonder why cookbooks are still making money.
  5. A lot of people are creating tutorials about recipes they have learned from a cookbook – as I have mentioned, these days, learning how to cook can be found in videos but before these are made, recipes are printed in a cookbook and so to demonstrate a recipe, you need to use a cookbook, right? Makes sense? So it’s really a cycle if you look at it in a bigger picture. This is also why cookbooks are precious.
  6. Cookbooks can be handed down to the next generation – in the future when everything is run by computers; having an actual cookbook can be a valuable thing. Books may be phased out in the future but if you save one or two or every cookbook that you have and pass them on to your children or grandchildren then these will be an awesome gift. It would also be a great idea to do so better save and take care of those cookbooks today!

Besides owning a cookbook, a good recipe is also a treasure. People can cook but having your own version or recipe is always a great thing to have. Some people can copy your food but if you have created a certain taste that is unique and flavorful then trust me; people will definitely look for you.

That is why if you find cookbooks and recipes that are delicious to make, keep them. Catalogue them if you have to or if you want, create a cookbook of your own. You can write down all the recipes you have learned from a cookbook, file them and create one for yourself. Maybe in the future you can make use of it too so always pay attention to the exact measurements; tricks on how to cook them and you will definitely not regret it.

Food is everything to us and people who can cook are a blessing. If you are still learning how to cook then it’s best to start from cookbooks. You can eventually level up as you go along and always remember to treasure the recipes you learned. It will certainly become handy in the future, good luck!

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