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How Long to Cook Chicken Breast in the Oven

How Long to Cook Chicken Breast in the Oven, Electric Smoker Pro

Of all kinds of fowl meat, chicken is the best and easiest bird to cook. You can grill, sauté, fry, add them on other dishes, boil and broil them and they still taste delicious. Now one of the best parts of a chicken is the chicken breasts. They’re meaty and are less fatty compared to other parts of the chicken. To cook chicken breasts is not as hard as you think it should be. Just like any chicken part, all you need to do is determine what kind of recipe you are cooking and you will know how long it will take to cook chicken breast.

Why cook chicken breast? Because not only are they meaty, they’re good for sandwiches. They can also be added to pasta (when grilled) and best of all, they don’t have bones to pick unlike other parts of the chicken. Chicken breasts are good fillet and fried. Toss in your favorite dip and this can serve as your lunch or dinner. Chicken breasts are great cooked in the oven. This method can help cook the chicken through without having to deal with popping grease when cooked in a pan. So how long to cook chicken breast in the oven? Here are the specifics you need to remember.

  • For small pieces or cuts of breast – cook it for 35 minutes at 165 degrees
  • For large pieces of chicken breast – cook it for 45 minutes at 165 degrees

As I have mentioned, the recipe you have will also help determine the amount of cooking time of the chicken breasts. If the recipe requires cooking it a bit longer than the ones mentioned then do so.  However if you only want it as simple as seasoning and salt then you can follow the number of minutes needed to cook chicken breast in the oven. After all you need to make sure that your chicken does not come out dry or overcooked, so a good amount of cooking time will surely help.