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How to Cook a Steak in a Pan

How to Cook a Steak in a Pan, Electric Smoker Pro

Love steak but can’t afford to go out and eat in restaurants as often? Don’t worry, you are not alone! There are so many people out there who can’t afford pricey restaurants either but you can always afford to cook steak right in your kitchen. Now if you feel like cooking a good ‘ole steak at home then all you need to do is follow these easy steps!

You will need tongs, a frying pan large enough to cook your steak, knife, plate, and a timer or clock. You will also need the ingredients like fresh garlic or powder, pepper, salt, butter, olive oil and of course, steak cuts of your choice. Once you have gathered all you need, you can now follow these steps on how to cook a steak in a pan.


  • Take out your steak and wash it clean. Dry it with paper towels and let it sit in a plate. Sprinkle salt and pepper for seasoning, making sure that each side is covered. Allow the seasoned steak to sit for at least 20 minutes at room temperature.
  • Place your pan over the burner and put some olive oil in it. Turn the stove on to high heat.
  • With the use of tongs, place the seasoned steak into the pan and since the pan is on high heat, be careful with the oil spatter. Cook each side for a minute before flipping it over. Make sure to flip it over every minute until the steak is cooked through.
  • By this time the juices from the steak is locking in. Turn the heat to low and add your garlic and butter. Let it cook for 8 minutes, flipping each side so it can cook well.
  • Once the steak is done, turn off the heat and place the meat in a plate. Do not cut it yet; allow the steak to sit for at least 5 minutes before slicing. This will allow the juice to flow out; serve it with your favorite gravy and vegetables. Enjoy!

Cooking steak in a pan is easy. It’s also cheaper compared to eating in a restaurant plus you will enjoy it within the comforts of your home! So go ahead and give it a try, you will definitely be cooking more of these!