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How to Cook an Artichoke, Prepare and Boil It

How to Cook an Artichoke, Prepare and Boil It, Electric Smoker Pro

One of the most uncommon vegetable to eat or cook is the artichoke. They look scary at first since it doesn’t look like food from its physical appearance but did you know that artichokes are very healthy? And eating artichokes have proven to be beneficial. Now if you want to know how to cook an artichoke, prepare and boil it, then you need to look no further. This article will provide you with the information you need to do just that.

You will need:

  • Fresh artichokes
  • Water
  • A large pan or pot to cook them in
  • Salt


  • To prepare the artichoke, you need to know how many you are going to cook. This way you will know if you will need one in your future recipes or not and will save you from doing much work in preparing this food. Once you figured out how much you want to cook, wash the artichokes and rinse it well under running water. If you have a small brush, give it a good, quick brush so you can remove the stubborn dirt from it. Cleaning the artichoke will also help in removing the bitter taste. Use a sharp knife and trim the stem of the artichoke. Do not cut anything unless you need to. If you have scissors, trim off the petals and spread it slightly. This will allow any seasoning you add to fall into the petals for flavoring. Once you have done this you are now ready to cook!
  • To cook your artichokes, put water and salt into a large pot and bring them to a boil. Once the water is boiling, add your artichokes. If they are big enough then you need to boil them by batch but if they can fit in one pot then go ahead and do it. Boil the artichokes for 30 minutes or so; keep in mind that the bigger the artichoke, the longer you may have to boil it.
  • Artichokes are cooked when a sharp knife can go through it (this is similar to when checking if your potatoes are cooked). Once it goes through with ease then you can now remove the artichokes from the water and set it aside for a few minutes before eating.