Masterbuilt 20070112 Cold Smoking Kit Review

Masterbuilt 20070112 Cold Smoking Kit Review

Sometimes, a simple smoker is not enough; you need a few accessories to further enhance its ability when smoking meat. That being said, you need this Masterbuilt 20070112 Cold Smoking Kit for this especially if you are using a Masterbuilt smoker. Here’s what you need to know about this wonderful product.

First Things First

What is a cold smoking? If you are not familiar with this one then let me explain. Cold smoking is when you place the food in a smoker and smoke it at a very low temperature not higher than 20 to 30 degrees C or 70 to 120 F. This basically means that the meat is raw or remains raw but infused with smoky flavor without cooking it through, in some cases; it’s not even cooked yet.

Since electric smokers will hot smoke your food, an attachment is required for cold smoking. That being said, Masterbuilt has created a cold smoker kit that any user can use along with the smoker that they have. If you love smoking meats or impress your friends with different recipes, this will be a good tool to use.

Features to Expect

For that great slow smoking or curing of meat, you need a cold smoker attachment. With this device you can simply put more work into the smoker that you already have and achieve the kind of smoky meat that you are aiming for.

  • For one this cold smoker attachment is designed to be versatile so it can definitely fit all types of Masterbuilt smokers.
  • It has a temperature range of 100 to 120 degrees F so you can control the right temperature.
  • It has continuous feed wood chip system that allows you to use the standard wood chips to fuel your smoker.
  • It can deliver up to 6 hours of consistent smoke.
  • It’s measured at 9.8 inches by 8.1 inches by 16.8 inches in total which is perfect for any Masterbuilt smoker.
  • It weighs about 10.2 pounds so you can easily move it around.

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The Pros and Cons

While this seemed to be the ideal attachment to use, it is still important to know the advantages and disadvantages of this product this way you can find out if it’s worth buying or not.

  • It’s made to last a long time.
  • It’s a good value for your money.
  • It’s easy to use and clean after using.
  • It’s made to be durable.
  • It can pack more wood giving much longer even before you ran out of it.
  • You can clean the ash out without opening the Masterbuilt door and lose the heat or smoke.
  • It has a large ash try which can be emptied after it’s full. This means that you don’t have to unload it every time.
  • It can deliver you the best smoky flavor.
  • It runs cool at the top part and the chips pushes down.
  • It builds up much tar or creosote inside of the chute.
  • The top lid does not have a good fit or a gasket. Smoke tends to leak out.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of attachments in the market today. However if you are looking for something that is worth investing to, this is the one that you should poke your head into. It’s made with durable material, it can last a long time plus it can deliver the job that you are looking for. Of course, it pays to compare this with other cold smoking kit attachments. This way you can choose the best especially if you are using a specific type of smoker like Masterbuilt.

Points to Remember When Buying a Cold Smoking Kit

When buying a cold smoking kit, you must first find one that fits your smoker. Look for something that is made of durable materials so you don’t have to waste money on something you don’t like. Find something that works hard, it should be something that is able to work for hours and not just an hour or two. It should be easy to use and affordable; once you can find something that is similar to the qualities I have mentioned then it’s a good deal to get.

Last Thoughts

Masterbuilt is a good name when it comes to smokers and its accessories. If you want to invest on products that are durable then this is the best one to get. Make sure to read more reviews on the Masterbuilt 20070112 Cold Smoking Kit review too this way you can truly find which cold smoking kit attachment to get.

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