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Masterbuilt 20070312 30-Inch Front Controller Electric Smoker Review

Masterbuilt 20070312 30-Inch Front Controller Electric Smoker Review, Electric Smoker Pro

Do you love the idea of gathering your family for a good picnic outside? Do you love making barbecues or smoked meats during summertime? If you are then we have the perfect weapon for you to use! All you need in your life is the Masterbuilt 20070312 Front Controller Electric Smoker and you can rule the family picnics or events with your cooking skills!

Don’t believe us? Well why don’t you read this article and see why we predict that you will have this electric smoker in no time!

Masterbuilt 20070312 Electric Smoker Review

Mastering the Masterbuilt 20070312

If you love smoked meats then you will also love this electric smoker. It’s an excellent way to smoke meats and we will tell you why.

Getting the best smoked meats is possible with this electric smoker, for one, it is equipped with a blue LED display screen that is very helpful when it comes to monitoring your food. The LED display is also a big help to users even when they are viewing the display under direct sunlight.

It has over 700 square inches of cooking space so you know for certain that you have all the space you need to smoke whatever you want. It could be fish, beef, chicken, pork and even vegetables, just name it and you got the space to smoke it!

The Masterbuilt 20070312 also comes with cooking racks that are chrome coated so you don’t have to worry about meat sticking on it while being cooked. The drip deflector is a new feature of Masterbuilt to their latest products. It does not only have a drip deflector but also have a front access drip pan which makes it easier to remove the drippings inside the machine.

To make it easier in controlling this machine, the [easyazon_link keywords=”Masterbuilt 20070312 30-Inch Front Controller ” locale=”US” tag=”smokerzone-20″]Masterbuilt[/easyazon_link] also comes with a radio frequency remote control. This remote control helps turn on and turn off the unit once you are done cooking. It also allows you to take control of the smoker’s temperature with ease.

It has a built-in meat probe that you will love as it gives you the chance to check on the temperature of the meat you are smoking. There are also lights added on the inside of the smoker. This allows you to see your food as it is cooking without bothering to open the door and check inside.

The wood chip loading system is another cool feature of this smoker. It gives you the chance to add wood to the smoker for that extra smoky flavor. After getting to know the key features of this smoker, we are confident to say that this electric smoker is something that you would like to include in your kitchen appliance!

The Pros and Cons

We all know that the pros and cons play a big part in our decisions as to whether or not we should buy a certain kitchen appliance. If you ask me, I say they play a lot of roles. For one, the pros and cons help you out in weighing the good and bad side of a product. And if you are planning to buy this electric smoker then it is best that you check out what we have known about this unit.


  • It works really well upon first operation.
  • Assembling this electric smoker is not a problem at all.
  • The thermometer is a real big help.
  • It’s easy to clean up.
  • The remote works even on long ranges.
  • It’s made of stainless steel.
  • It’s sold at an acceptable price if you are having a limited budget.

Customers will always have something to complain about but most of the time, the things they complain about can be resolved. And just like any other electric smoker, this too, has its own downside. Here are a few.

  • The thermostat may not work well in the long run.
  • The controller breaks after a few uses.
  • Parts may break.

If you received a broken smoker, make sure to check the warranty and shipping company of the product. Contract the customer service of the company and see if they can replace your damaged smoker. It is usually replaced just as long as you have all the needed proof and as long as the product is still under warranty.

Investing money in an electric smoker is a good idea but of course, I do understand the thought of being hesitant about buying one that you haven’t tried yet. So I would recommend that you ask from friends or family members who have tried using an electric smoker and ask if they can recommend you a good name or brand of electric smoker to buy.

This usually helps and if you are not convinced about their suggestions, reading about the electric smoker you want is always a good thing to do. We hope that you find this Masterbuilt 20070312 30-Inch Front Controller Electric Smoker review helpful and informative. Enjoy your shopping!

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