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Classic Accessories Ravenna Square Smoker Cover Review

Classic Accessories Ravenna Square Smoker Cover Review, Electric Smoker Pro

Taking care of our electric smoker is a priority. This is especially important if the smoker we have invested our money into costs by the thousands of dollars. That is why you need to take extra care when it comes to appliances like this. This way the lifespan of your smoker can last a long time.

Now when it comes to smokers, you need to store it and protect it if it is not in use. What better way to do that than covering the smoker? If you are in need of an electric smoker cover, the Classic Accessories Ravenna Square Smoker Cover is an excellent example of protection. Get to know more about this cover by reading this article.

Features to Check Out

  • It comes in Medium, Large or X-Large
    • Medium measurement of 18 x 21 x 32 inches
    • Large measurement of 19 x 39 x 25 inches
    • X-large measurement of 25 x 59 x 34 inches
  • The Large comes in Gray, whilst the Medium and X-Large are available in Taupe.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • It is made from durable woven polyester fabric.
  • It has added UV-stabilized coating as well as water-resistant laminated coating.
  • It has padded handles that makes the removal easy.
  • It is also designed with webbing belts that are adjustable.

The Pros and Cons

As a responsible electric smoker owner, you must have the right accessories to keep it protected. This smoker cover can help you with that. It will keep your smoker dust-free and protect it from the elements. While that sounds ideal, always remember to read the pros and cons first so you can decide if this is the smoker cover you need.


  • The handles are padded so it’s easy to use and remove it from the smoker.
  • It has a stylish accent that you will be happy to flaunt even when your smoker is not in use.
  • It has buckles to keep your smoker covered and secure in any type of weather.
  • It has a tailored look.
  • It has structure vents that are open to prevent wind lofting. It is also designed to have vents so that mildew formation is prevented from forming.
  • It has mesh barriers for protection from mildew.
  • The laminated backing keeps the smoker dry.
  • It has a snug fit so you don’t have to worry about messy-looking cover.
  • You will enjoy the 4 year warranty of this smoker cover.
  • It can fit a square smoker.


  • It does not cover the leg or wheel part of the smoker.
  • It does not fit electric smokers with side controls as well as bisquette loaders attached to the side of the smoker.
  • Not ideal for rounded smokers.
Final Thoughts

Before buying any smoker cover, it is important that you know the size of your smoker. This way you can avoid buying the wrong size and spend money on something that is not useful. Make sure to read about the materials where the smoker cover was made of. This will give you an idea on how long it can last and how durable it is. Seek also the suggestions of family or friends but if you have the same measurement as the Classic Accessories Ravenna Square Smoker Cover then it will be a great item to have. We hope that you find this helpful in your search for the best smoker cover, enjoy!