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Masterbuilt MB20072918 Top Controller 40-Inch Electric Smoker Review

Masterbuilt MB20072918 Top Controller 40-Inch Electric Smoker Review, Electric Smoker Pro

When it comes to smokers, Masterbuilt is the name that you can trust. The company who is known for making world-class smokers has been stepping up with their smokers. Among the best smokers that you can find in the market today is no other than the Masterbuilt MB20072918 Electric Smoker.

So can Masterbuilt indeed give you want you need? Get to know more about this smoker by reading this article!

Features that you Will Like

Buying a Masterbuilt smoker is an excellent choice as they are well-known for their products. Now for the Masterbuilt MB20072918 you will surely enjoy this smoker as it comes with a remote control that lets you adjust the temperature as well as cooking time even if you are about a hundred feet away.

The windows are purposely designed to be extra-large and have a door that’s made of stainless steel. This way you can easily view your food as it is being cooked without opening the door. If you love a hot smoker then you will enjoy the 100-275 degrees of temperature that you can choose from with this smoker. There is also an added meat probe and thermostat that is very helpful in cooking meats.

For the capacity, this smoker is built with large spaces. It also has 4 removable chrome meat racks and a cooking space of 970 square inches. So you can definitely say that it’s a lot bigger than the previous Masterbuilt smokers. There is a side wood chip loader that will help you load wood chips without opening the door and let the smoke out. All you have to do is pull it and load the wood chips and continue with what you are cooking.

The Pros and Cons

Of course, any smoker, no matter how awesome it is, there will always be the advantages and disadvantages that you should look into. For the Masterbuilt MB20072918, we have gathered the things that make this smoker powerful along with its known flaws.


  • It has a glass window large enough for you to see what’s going on inside your smoker.
  • You don’t need to open the smoker to check the food you are cooking.
  • It can insulate smoke well.
  • It’s easy to assemble, operate and clean.
  • The large space inside the smoker is good for all types of meat.
  • It can hold heat very well.
  • It has handles and wheels so it can be easily transported to any part of the house or yard.
  • It’s easy to store after use.
  • It’s made with reliable and sturdy materials so you know that it can last a long time.
  • It’s easy on the budget.


  • Customers complained about the poorly made wirings of this smoker but it’s nothing that cannot be mixed.
  • It also seemed to be a bit expensive for those who don’t have a budget (sold at $450 in various online stores).
  • The meat probe isn’t as accurate as advertised.

You might say that this is an expensive smoker. A bit impractical if you might say however, you have to remember that this is model is created by Masterbuilt and it couldn’t get any better than that.

This company is known for their smokers and to be honest, a lot of people are patronizing their products over the years simply because of the quality that they deliver. Sure there may be a few flaws but it’s not something to worry about. You can count that this smoker can last long enough till you get tired of using it.

Final Thoughts

Smokers are popping out in the market everywhere. New companies often claim that they are the best when it comes to making smokers but if you really think about it, only companies with the reputation of making the best and most reliable smokers can speak for themselves. It doesn’t matter if the smoker is cheap; the question remains if they are indeed worth buying or not.

You can always see among the Masterbuilt MB20072918 Top Controller Electric Smoker reviews how people react to this product and if you don’t want to regret buying the wrong kind of smoker then you need to review the product first and make sure that you are getting what you really need.

Times have changed for meat smokers. They have been redesigned and remodeled over the years but only those names in this field can last the race. Make sure that you are betting on the right one; enjoy and good luck!