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Smoke Hollow 26142E Electric Smoker Review

Smoke Hollow 26142E Electric Smoker Review, Electric Smoker Pro

Electric smokers are great additions to your kitchen appliance. If you want to eat traditional smoked food the modern way then add an electric smoker in your household!

Now when it comes to smokers, Smoke Hollow is another great name to trust and what better product to get than the Smoke Hollow 26142E Electric Smoker to do the job! To know more about what I am talking about, we have taken the liberty to break down what this smoker is all about. Check it out!

Smoke Hollow 26142E Electric Smoker Review – Features

Besides being able to smoke food, this electric smoker is made up with features you will like. It runs on a 1500 watt heating element along with a removable and adjustable temperature control setting. This allows you to take control of the temperature for your food. It also comes with two cooking grids that are chrome-plated.

What’s more is that you can adjust these grids according to the height you want. There are also water pan and wood chip pans that you can use when smoking food. The heat indicator is also added so you know if the food or meat is receiving enough smoke while inside the smoker. The side handles are designed to be cool-touch so it’s easy for you to check the smoker and a spring wire handle is added so it’s easy for you to open the door without gloves.

As for its size, the Smoke Hollow is about 16.5 inches by 35.5 inches which is suitable for any kitchen. It can also be moved around easily as it only weighs about 33 pounds. It is also sold below $200 which is very affordable especially if you are on limited budget. However, you cannot order this outside the US as the company only selects the countries they deliver this smoker to. Other than that, you can order this easily if you live within the US.

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The Pros and Cons

So what’s the catch with this electric smoker? Is it really a good deal? To know more, we have compiled the advantages and disadvantages for you to decide if this is really a good deal to get.


  • It’s an affordable electric smoker.
  • It’s easy to assemble and use.
  • There is a temperature setting for users to use.
  • It works really well.
  • It can cook food thoroughly.
  • Its size is right for any kitchen or house space.
  • Assembling the smoker is very easy.
  • The temperature goes down when the door is opened.
  • The water pan is small compared to others.

Things to Consider When Buying the Right Electric Smoker

Now when it comes to electric smokers, it is easy to get one that might not work in your favor. If you are planning to do so, it is best that you remember these tips on how you can choose the right item:

  • Consider the price first. Since these electric smokers don’t come cheap, look for a basic model that doesn’t have other features that you don’t need. Understand that expensive smokers are those with upgraded features like digital controls as well as remote controls. If you don’t have the money or is on limited budget, a basic model is the best way to go.
  • Know the cooking area of your kitchen. If you live in a small apartment then you might consider getting a small electric smoker as well but if you live in a house with spacious yard and kitchen then go ahead and get the smoker of your dreams!
  • Always check the warranty. Before you pick the electric smoker you like, make sure that there is warranty given to it. This way you can have a replacement in case your smoker breaks down or if there are parts that need to be returned or replaced.
  • Check also the controls. There are plenty of electric smokers out there; there are also those that are made with basic functions and there are also those that are designed and modernized. Now if you want a more modern take on your smoker, check the controls. These usually have digital timers and control setting that you can adjust but if you are happy with a basic smoker then you don’t really need that.
  • Consider the recommendations you get from family, friends and even in Smoke Hollow 26142E Electric Smoker, 26-Inch reviews that you can find. These are usually the tried and tested by people already so you know for a fact that it’s a good deal to get.
  • The company name is also something you should think about. If you are skeptic about new companies then you can always try companies whose names in the field of electric smokers are well known. There’s nothing wrong with going old school!
Final Thoughts

The market for electric smokers is an ever growing one; there are now plenty of companies in this business that will tell you everything you need to know about electric smokers. If you are new to meat smoking and in need of a good smoker, all you really need to do is read reviews and compare every smoker you like.

This way you have can say that you did your research before buying one so in the end you won’t have any regrets! Enjoy your shopping!

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