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Masterbuilt 20091013 Chicken Stand Review

Masterbuilt 20091013 Chicken Stand Review, Electric Smoker Pro

Do you love smoking meats? Do you enjoy cooking with your Masterbuilt electric smoker? If you are then you certainly know how important it is to have smoker accessories! When it comes to smoking meats, it is best that you know what accessories to use and one of these accessories is the Masterbuilt 20091013 Chicken Stand. Now if this chicken stand is something that you wish to have, all you need to do is to read this article as we take you on a detailed review. Check it out!

Features to Find

Grilling is a lot fun with this Masterbuilt chicken stand. It’s easier to smoke chicken with this chicken stand and we understand why. Here are its features:

  • It has a dimension of 2.04 inches in height and a width of 4.33 inches. It is also has a length of 6.69 inches.
  • It is made of stainless steel that is chrome coated.
  • It has a weight of 3.2 ounces so it’s rather light to move around.

The Pros and Cons

Just like any other smoker accessories, it is important that you know the advantages and disadvantages of this chicken stand. This way you can see for yourself what the things that you need to avoid are. Here’s what we have gathered about this product.


  • It’s made of stainless steel so you know that it is durable.
  • It is chrome-coated so cleaning is very easy.
  • Since it is chrome-coated, the meat does not stick in it.
  • It can also be used for other meats besides chicken.
  • It’s heavy-duty.
  • It’s sold at a cheap price.
  • It’s generally helpful when smoking chicken and other meats.
  • Fats can easily drain off the chicken when hanged in this stand.
  • It’s a bit smaller than expected. If you want something bigger then this is not the chicken stand for you.
  • It can only hold 4 chickens or less. Depends on how big the chicken is.

How to Buy the Best Chicken Stand

Electric smokers are great addition to your kitchen appliance and if you love using it on a regular basis, you need to have the best accessories. One of the companies that is known for making smoker accessories is the Masterbuilt and if you happen to have one of their electric smokers, you need to have their accessories too.

So how can you find the best accessories for your electric smoker? For one you can always search for them online. This can help you especially if you are new to electric smokers. There are plenty of electric smoker accessories out there so you need to be sure about what you are getting. You should also check out the company of your electric smoker (in case you don’t own an electric smoker from Masterbuilt that is) and see if they have the accessories you need. This way you don’t have to wander off and find an accessory that will not work with the current electric smoker that you have. Another thing to look for is the price. If you are only working on a limited budget then you need to narrow your searches with the price range that you can afford. This way you can find one that fits your budget. Lastly, always check the reviews of customers. This will always give you an idea on what product to check out and gives you an insight on what kind of accessories you should get.

Final Thoughts

Accessories are helpful indeed and when it comes to chicken stand, the Masterbuilt 20091013 Chicken Stand is a good product to get. Of course exploring other options is a good idea too, this way you have all the options you need but if you want a product that comes from the best manufactures then this is the best product to get.

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