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Smoke Hollow 30164G LPG Smoker, 30-Inch Review

Smoke Hollow 30164G LPG Smoker, 30-Inch Review, Electric Smoker Pro

Are you looking for the perfect electric smoker to use? Are you running on a tight budget but badly need one? If you are then you are in luck as you will be learning about one of the best smokers in the market today! In this Smoke Hollow 30164G LPG Smoker, 30-Inch review, you will learn about one electric smoker that will surely fit your budget and needs in terms of reliable appliance. If you are ready then all you have to do is read this article, check it out!

Getting to know the Smoke Hollow

For those of you who are looking for great deals on electric smoker, the Smoke Hollow 30164G is the best thing that you could find in the market. Why you ask? This is because this electric smoker is made not only to fit your needs but is also designed exactly the way you want it to be. It comes with a 30 inches by 16 inches size and is designed to be chic and elegant, perfect for your kitchen or yard.

The smoke hollow is also made with a stainless steel tube burner and comes with three chrome plated cooking grids that are removable. The handles are made with spring wire so it is cool to touch even of you are cooking all day. It is also designed with a “Sure-Lock” latch that will keep your food cooking well and at the same time keep all the smoke in. There is also a temperature gauge on the front door which will tell you how long you have been cooking certain meat. An ignition system is also added to the smoker which can be operated with one push.

The smoker itself is about 1.5 cubic feet tall. It comes with one wood chip pan that is coated with powdered steel coating. It is designed with consistent temperatures so you know for certain that the food you are cooking can be done at the right temperature and flavor. There is also a porcelain dripping pan that is coated to prevent rush from building even after long use. The steel tube burner can also provide 10,000 BTUs which is much needed when you are cooking fish and other meat. It is also designed to be around 43 pounds which is reasonably light to carry around your home.

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Buying Electric Smokers with Reliable Brands

I have heard a lot of complaints from people who have settled for cheap electric smokers. I understand that some of them are trying to save money but the question is, is it really worth it? Are cheap smokers really worth buying for in the first place? Here are the pros and cons of buying cheap electric smokers:


  • They can help you save a few dollars.
  • They’re easy to find.
  • They can do the same work just like expensive smokers.


  • They break down easily.
  • Some of the parts are made of plastic.
  • They are only good for a few uses and then they will break down.
  • Warranties are limited to a short time frame.
  • Some cheap electric smokers look too cheap.
  • Prone to short circuits.

So you see, buying cheap electric smokers doesn’t really mean that you are getting your money’s worth. However, if you are looking for a decent smoker to buy then make sure that you are buying a brand that is trusted by many people. Of course there are plenty of cheap electric smokers around but as a customer, it is also your duty to do your homework. In short, you need to research for the best brands and compare them to each other. If you are working on a limited budget then make sure to look for smokers that are within your price range. It is best that you read customer reviews first so you can see how they work for others before buying one for yourself.

The Smoke Hollow 30164G is an excellent choice of cheap electric smoker. For one, it does not look cheap and two, it has features that other cheap electric smokers have. The best part of all is that it comes with warranty and you can definitely replace the parts that are broken provide that the smoker is still under the given warranty date. It is easy to use and not as heavy as other types of smokers. It can get the job done without complications. All you have to do is relax and let the smoker do what it is designed to do. So if you are still wondering what kind of electric smoker to get, this one is definitely among the most recommended. I hope that you find this Smoke Hollow 30164G LPG Smoker, 30-Inch Review helpful. Of course, you can always check out other products and brands but we do hope that you found this article informative, good luck!

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