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Best Electric Smoker Reviews And Comparison 2019

Best Electric Smoker Reviews And Comparison 2019, Electric Smoker Pro

When it comes to smoking meat at home, nothing does better than using the best electric smoker.

They provide the best temperature needed for smoking food, consistent smoke and with the latest technology used these days plus being sold at an affordable price, it’s not surprising why many people are investing their money on machines like it these days.

By reading these reviews, you can easily choose which ones are the right for your budget and at the same time save you time from being too overwhelmed about picking the right smoker that will work for you. So without further ado, here are our top rated food smokers available in the market today.

5 Best Electric Smoker Reviews

Though these models have difference in their prices and its now in your hands to pick the one that is pocket friendly according to your budget.

That said, you can be rest assured that all the products that made it to our top 5 list are good enough, based on our research, customers feedback, their pros and their cons.

What’s important is that you know what you are looking for so you can save time and energy looking for a top product. Truth is, they are all capable of smoking meats but some of them are created specifically for the job while others may have more than one function other than smoking meats.

Newer models are now capable of roasting and slow cooking meats and so it is important that you know the kind of unit that you need. Budget-wise, it is good that you set aside enough money if you really want to buy something that’s worth investing to.

If you have the right budget then you also have the liberty to splurge on the product that you really want without thinking about the price. And so we hope that you will find these top electric smokers helpful in your shopping.

1. Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch – Electric smoker for the money

When it comes to smoking meat, the Masterbuilt is one of the top companies that you can trust. For your smoker needs, the Masterbuilt 20070910 is a very good choice. Created by one of the favorite brands in the field, this product is very simple and easy to use especially if you are new to smoking meats.

It provides you with consistent and steady smoke that will definitely give your meat extra flavor. The cooking space of this unit is about 730 square inches which is very spacious if you ask us. It will definitely fit big batches of meats for you to smoke. It has chrome-coated racks that are installed within the smoke but are designed to be removable so you can move it when you need bigger space to use.

The digital control panel is then added to this product so you can control everything. The temperature varies from 100 to 275 degrees F and has a timer that can be set up to 24 hours. The unit then automatically shuts off the moment the food is done so you don’t have to worry about overcooked or under-cooked meats.

Their smoker comes with an easy-to-use side loading tray used for wood chips so you don’t have to open the entire unit just to add more fuel. The water and air damper is also another good feature of this model. It helps in adding flavor to the meat too. The drip pan is added to the bottom of this product so it can catch the drippings of the meat you are smoking. This also allows you to clean it easily.


  • It is made with durable materials and a well-built, solid body.
  • It is well-insulated.
  • It has a digital thermometer.
  • It is spacious for big batches of meat.
  • It has a 24 hour timer.
  • Suitable for those who have a large family or for those who are cooking for large events.
  • The smoke level can be adjusted.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain.


  • The cords/cables are short compared to other.
  • The heating element tends to break down however it is not a problem if you know how to follow the instructions written in its manual.

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2. Masterbuilt 20070411 Top Controller  – Top Rated Smoker

Working is easier with this unit as it comes with a remote control for you to use. So even if you are working on something, you can always have time to do it as this product can be controlled even if you are a hundred feet away. Now you don’t have to worry about working on something else besides cooking!

What’s great is that is comes with a 24 hour timer that automatically shuts off when your food is ready. You will love the space inside it and the four smoking racks that it came along with. The smoker offers about 2 cubic feet of smoking capacity so you know for certain that your chicken, pork, beef or fish receives adequate amount of smoke.

This model is designed with a wood chip loader on its side so all you have to do is fill it in and watch the smoker do its job. Just like the previous ones, this too, has its own drip tray so you don’t have to worry about the mess and drippings from the meat you are smoking.


  • It has a digital thermometer.
  • It is well-insulated inside.
  • It can hold big meats.
  • It is very spacious on the inside.


  • The size is a bit bigger compared to other.
  • The temperature is only around 275 degrees which is a bit lower for red meats.
  • The heater is not hot enough.
  • Needs a direct plug.

3. Char-Broil Vertical Smoker

Looking for a smoker and griller at the same time? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a model that works both ways? If you are looking for one then the Char-Broil is the right deal for you. It is designed with a 505 square inches of cooking surface so you know that it’s big enough for all your meat.

It also has chrome-plated cooking grates that are adjustable.The wood chip and water pan are also added to this smoker so it’s easier for you to add fuel when needed. The handles are chrome plated so it can last a long time.

The lid is mounted with a temperature gauge that has a bezel making it easier for you to check the temperature of the food that you are smoking. It’s about 37.8 inches by 17.5 inches in size and weighs about 49.6 pounds so you can move it around easily.


  • It can produce enough smoke.
  • The insides are insulated well.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • The space inside is large enough.
  • Can cook and smoke meats well.


  • A bit heavier.
  • Heating element issues may be encountered in the long run.

4. Smoke Hollow 26142E –  Smoker under $200

Another great company that creates the good food smokers is the Smoke Hollow. For their contender, we recommend that you get the Smoke Hollow 26142E. This wonderful model runs on a 1500 W heating element and has an adjustable temperature setting that you can control.

It comes with two cooking grids which makes it easier for you to place your meat properly inside the smoker. A water pan and wooden chip pan is added in this product so it’s easier to add fuel while smoking.

The heat indicator is given so you can see if the meat you are cooking is receiving enough heat or smoke while inside. Don’t worry about the price as it is sold under $200 so you know that’s fairly affordable.


  • It can cook food thoroughly.
  • Its size is right for any kitchen or house space.
  • It is very easy to assemble.
  • An affordable product.
  • It’s easy to use
  • The temperature setting allows you to control the heat given to the food you are smoking.
  • Works really well.


  • The temperature slows down when the door is opened.
  • The water pan is small compared to others.

5. Bradley Smokers Original Smoker  Top Meat Smoker

Another great investment for your money is the Bradley Original Smoker. This digital smoker is rated with four stars in Amazon.com making it one of the trusted meat smokers by customers.

Designed to fit not only your kitchen but with physical features that can go well with other appliances. With it’s chic design, you will be surely pleased with how this smoker looks.


  • Bradley models are designed with stainless steel interior so you know that they are meant to be durable. It is also designed to accommodate any food with it’s spacious design.
  • This product comes with four racks that can be removed so it is easy to clean and keep your smoker pristine again.
  • It has a control panel designed to help you set the right temperature and cooking time so the food you have can be thoroughly cooked just in time. With the control panel, this appliance does not only function as a smoker but also as a slow cooker and roaster.
  • It’s also affordable so you can totally get your money’s worth. Sold at over $200, that’s a pretty good deal for something so practical and edgy at the same time.


The Bradley smokers are very easy to use and if it’s something cheap that you want but reasonable to use then this is the product for you. It also provides consistent but controlled smoke and can hold at least 8 hours of smoke.

The burners are separated so you can make use of them without using the entire oven. It’s also easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about stubborn dirt and grease. The stainless steel is insulated which lets your food cooked through and the amazing part is that it has a one year warranty.


One of the many complaints received about this product is that the energy consumption is not as good. You might not be able to use this smoker consistently for a week before it breaks down.

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Bonus Review – Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker

Last but not the least is the Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker. This wonderful piece is definitely a good contender. It is designed to help you cook your food on time with ease especially if you are planning to cook a feast for guests or friends. It’s also ideal to have if you want something that can continuously keep your food hot while guests are still eating.


  • The Bradley Digital 4-Rack is designed with a digital interface which allows you to control how you want your food to be cooked. You can control the rate of smoke used and time with just a push of a button.
  • No need to worry about burners as they are designed to be separated from the oven.
  • It has an insulated stainless steel interior so that smoke cannot easily escape.
  • Another good feature of this machine is the thermostat. This allows you to check on your food’s temperature without delays.
  • There are removable racks on the inside of this smoker as well so you can adjust how much space you will be using when cooking.
  • This electric smoker can also hold about 8 hours of smoke so you have plenty of time to cook delicious meals in this smoker.


Bradley Digital is one of the trusted brands in the market. This alone tells you that their products are reliable. It also sold at a reasonable price so you know this is a good investment. Not only that, you are given a year of warranty for the entire product so in case you find trouble, you have the company to help you with it.


Customers complain about the parts falling off and since it’s made outside the United States, many people are not too sure about the whole parts of this smoker. Other than that, this smoker works well if handled properly.

Learn more about the Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker here.

How to Choose A Top Rated Meat Smoker

When a new product is introduced to the market, people cannot help but go crazy over it. It’s human nature to be enticed about something new. However, you can always take note of a few important things when it comes to buying the an electric smoker. Keep in mind that buying the right kind of electric smoker is important and since it is an investment, you need to trust it. Here are six important tips that you should remember:

  1. Buy the food smoker from a trusted brand or company. This means you need to choose one that is produced by a company who already has the reputation of making it available. The longer the company in this business is the better.
  2. Choose the smoker you want to use. Do you want something digital? Or old school? How you want your smoker to be will keep you focused on what you are looking for.
  3. The smoker should be easy to use. With ever evolving technology, it is easy to be overwhelmed with items designed with digital control panels but even if that’s the case, the smoker you should must be something that is easy to use.
  4. It should be durable and easy to clean. Since it will be used to cook (especially if you are planning to cook a big meal), the smoker you need to pick is something that is dependable.
  5. It should have positive reviews from customers. Keep in mind that customer reviews are important as they have the first-hand experience when it comes to using the smoker you want to purchase. The pros must be more than its cons.
  6. Buy a smoker that is priced at a reasonable amount. You will be investing money so find one that is priced right without compromising it’s performance.

Guide To Buying A Good Smoker

Gone are the days when smoking was done using firewood, which not only produced a lot of smoke (thus polluting the environment) but also took up a lot of space. It also took a lot of time to prepare a smoked dish.

The contemporary smoker, the most popular of which is an electric unit that not only housed the components needed for smoking meat or fish but also took up a lot less space as well. In fact, some models can be assembled or disassembled when the need arises.

The electric smoker does not produce any form of smoke that may rub the wrong way with your neighbors, thus leading to lots of complaints.

there are three factors to consider when choosing an electric smoker for your home. these factors are size, space and price.

1. What Size Do You Need?

One other factor which plays a vital role in your decision to buying a smoker has to do with its size. Of course, the size depends largely on the size of the family, but you should not go for a product that will take up too much space in your house.

2. Do you have Enough Room for the Smoker?

Most of the time, users position the unit at the courtyard, but on other occasions, you may want to use it in a lesser space. Experts advise that one should purchase an product that comes equipped with wheels for easy maneuverability and operation.

3. What Price Range Are You Searching Within?

Your budget goes a long way in determining the type of smoker you buy. With lots of brands competing against each other in the market today, it is wise to compare prices so as to focus on top models to buy which also comes along with the features you need. Check out the warranty as well since this serves as a vital cover in case of damages that may occur or if it suddenly stops working within the specified warranty period.

Types of Smokers

If you think that these smokers are the only ones available in the market, think again. There are three types that you can choose from in order to come up with the tasting dishes. If you want to know which ones will work better for you, here are the three types of smokers you should know about:

1. Cabinet Smoker

This cabinet smoker may look like your vertical smoker at quick glance but it actually is different. These are large smokers and usually have multiple racks which make it different from other types. They can also accommodate all types of food may it be large or small ones. Not only that, cabinet smokers also have multiple vents compared to vertical smokers allowing the user to make use of the heat even better.

The price for this type of smoker is also higher compared to the standard ones which make it one of the least used for smoking meat. Although they are expensive, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s worth the buck as they can perform twice than your usual choice.

2. Vertical or Cylinder Smoker

This type of smoker is the most common among all types. They are small, affordable and easy to operate. They only have two bowls inside; ones that you can put charcoal or wood in. So when this is used, the smoke goes directly from the bowl to the top. When the smoke is up, you need to keep the door closed at all times so smoke is kept inside along with the heat.

3. Offset Firebox Smoker

This type of smoker usually makes use of charcoal. It is basically your grill and smoker in one. All you need to do is load it up with charcoal or wood into the firebox and place your meat on the main grilling chamber. The smoke and heat will then cook your food with the use of two adjustable vents.

Choosing the right type of smoker will depend on how often you will be using them. The type of food you typically cook will also determine the type of smoker that will work for you so its better you choose wisely before purchasing one.

Types Of Electric Smokers

An electric smoker utilizes a lower amount of heat over an extended period, thus allowing the fish or meat to absorb the piquancy from the wood chips without becoming dehydrated.

The traditional method of smoking or cooking fish and meat without the need for oil has been known for many years. Electric smokers stem from their traditional counterparts and are used for smoking foods by giving off smoke or steam to cook foods.

Majority of digital smokers comes fitted with temperature and adjustment controls which are vital components for smoking chicken or meat. Most of the good electric smokers also come with a heat generator that works automatically, thereby eliminating the need to burn wood or charcoal.

There are two major types available on the market today: the vertical water smokers and the smoker with remotes. It is important for you to know about the type that are available so that you have an idea of what to expect when shopping as well as to know which of the two main types of smokers will be suitable for you.

We will be taking a look at them one after the other:

1. The Vertical Water Smokers

These models  has become popular among folks who don’t like their meat or fish smoked dry. Steam that is generated as a result of heat and water in this model of the electric smoker cooks the fish or meat while adding flavors without making the meat too dry.

2. The Electric Smokers With Remotes

Comes with remotes, on the other hand, lets you keep an eye on the timer, temperature as well as other features on your electric smoker without too much proximity. Using radio frequency, you can go for a walk around your backyard or inside the house (if the electric smoker is stationed outside on the patio) and still be able to not only monitor but also to regulate your electric smoker.

Electric smokers are more convenient and easier to use than their traditional counterpart.

How to Maintain the Smoker

So let’s say you have found the kind of smoker you want and already paid cash for it, how do you keep it? Do you have to keep regular maintenance to keep it in good condition? Yes and yes, there are also other ways that you can maintain a smoker. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Know how to operate the smoker. Read the manual and make sure to follow the steps on how you should operate it. This way you don’t get the risk of damaging it in the process.
  • Plug in the smoker with the right outlet. Use the recommended voltage to avoid short circuits.
  • Keep it clean after use. This will prevent rodents, ants and other pests from chewing and destroying your smoker. Cleaning your smoker after usage will also prevent rust from forming.
  • Use only top quality charcoal and wooden chips.
  • Cook only according to the amount it can carry. Overloading can also lead to damages.
  • Keep it away from children and materials that can create fire.

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Electric smokers have proven to be very useful in the kitchen. However, if you are going to purchase this product make sure that you have conducted enough research and at the same time weighed the pros and cons before anything else. Yes, there are expensive smokers out there but if you want something that’s worth investing to, then make sure to think about it first.

So do take your time and never rush. There are plenty of smokers out there to choose from but choose only the best in the market, this way you don’t waste money on something that you will regret buying in the end.

Other worthy mentions include: the brinkmann smoker, they are reliable and are affordable, but going for a masterbuilt or bradley will be my first option.

This are my takes about the top electric smoker, I hope this article has been helpful!